Too much Coffee can make you go Blind (Maybe)

by duncanr

coffee mugSome researchers claim to have uncovered a link between excess coffee consumption and the development of glaucoma –

They analysed data collected from two studies involving 78,977 women and 41,202 men and found people who drank more than 3 cups of coffee a day had a higher incidence of glaucoma

While the results showed a . . .correlation between two variables (amount of coffee drunk and incidence of glaucoma) one cannot, from that, conclude that the former causes the latter, i.e., that these studies provide evidence to prove that drinking too much coffee increases the likelihood of an individual developing glaucoma

As a precautionary measure, however, you might want to play safe and reduce your daily coffee consumption if you are already at high risk of going blind because –

there is a history of glaucoma in your family and/or you’re a wanker!

Just saying ! 😉


7 Comments to “Too much Coffee can make you go Blind (Maybe)”

  1. I attend the Eye Hospital regularly to monitor the deterioration of my eyesight because of glaucoma. On top of that, at my most recent test was told I have cataracts beginning to form.

    What a relief it was to read this article and find out my fading eyesight is the result of all that coffee I drink each day !


  2. Too much hot coffee in your eyes definitely will cause vision problems.


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