Drunks Falling Over

by duncanr

It is not easy walking on only two feet. It takes us months learning to do so. But even after we think we’ve mastered the art – and have been doing it for years -there are still times when we receive a painful reminder not to get too cocky

P.S. there’s a rude bit on this video so if you are offended by deviant sexual behaviour you might want to shut your eyes at the 58 sec mark and count to 10 before re-opening them


8 Comments to “Drunks Falling Over”

  1. I didn’t see any deviant sexual behaviour. Just some bloke whose car won’t start and has misunderstood the term “jump start”.


  2. Ha! Ha! Ha! That’s really funny!

    Cannabis user? BANG THE FUCKER UP!


  3. I am older.


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