Jimmy Savile Devalued

by duncanr

With his long peroxide blonde hair, shell suit, medallion, and fat cigar, Jimmy Savile was a weel-kent face on British TV screens – from his appearances as a host on Top of the Pops, a programme highlighting a handful of songs from the current top 20, to his long-running show ‘Jim’ll Fix It‘ where he endeavoured to make folks (mainly children) dreams come true.

He was also noted for the huge amount of money he raised for charity, and was knighted by the Queen in recognition of this work (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jimmy_Savile)

Since he died last year, however, a less savoury side to his character has emerged – a number of allegation have been made accusing him of . . . sexually assaulting young women. These are now the subject of a police investigation.

Whatever the eventual outcome it is already clear that the accusations have tarnished the man's reputation and the public no longer hold him in the same high esteem they once did - http://tinyurl.com/9le442f


6 Comments to “Jimmy Savile Devalued”

  1. A text message received from a mate the other day:-

    “Savile Row – the line of young girls at the front of the TOTP audience”


  2. “. . . sexually assaulting young women”.

    Er, no – a child is not a young woman. Young women are over 18. Jimmy Savile is accused of molesting, raping, children.


    • Since girls in the UK can legally have sex at 16, can get married when they’re 16, and have a baby before they’ve turned 17, I wouldn’t agree that they don’t become women until they’re 18


  3. Under the law, people less than eighteen years old are regarded as children. In any case, Savile’s victims seem to have been under 16.


  4. I don’t give a fuck what the “law” says. A sixteen year old, male or female, is just a child.


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