Gut Aiderbichl Chimps

by duncanr

Gut Aiderbichl is an animal sanctuary near Vienna

The sanctuary has built special large enclosures to re-home chimps previously used for laboratory research.

Some of the chimps were captured in the wild and have spent the last 30 years in a 5′ x 5′ wire cage while others were born in captivity and have never been outside.

The following vid shows the chimps exploring their new environment – (love the way the leading chimps give each other a reassuring hug before venturing out into this scary new world

7 Comments to “Gut Aiderbichl Chimps”

  1. This all looks vaguely familiar.

    …and, no – I don’t mean that I remember giving my slightly taller mate a hug before shoving him out into the daylight.


  2. …especially when they’ve forgotten… but still haven’t forgiven… as if it were your 20p…


  3. On a similar theme of previously caged wild animals being rescued and returned to a more natural habitat, here’s a bunch of ducks being given their first opportunity to have a swim . . .

    You can read the duck’s story here –


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