Scots are Scroungers

by duncanr

Ruth Davidson calls Scots ScroungersThe SNP Leader and Scottish 1st Minister, Alex Salmond, described it as her ‘Romney Moment

[Romney – the Republican choice to be the next president of the USA – was secretly recorded dismissing 49% of the American electorate as not worth bothering with, a claim he is now furiously backing away from]

The leader of the Conservative Party in Scotland, Ruth Davidson, has gone further than Romney and dismissed almost 90 per cent of Scots as “non-contributors” who don’t “generate wealth” – see

The Conservatives have never been too . . popular a political party in Scotland. I doubt Ms Davidson’s words are going to change that. I doubt too whether her words are going to do much to persuade Scots to vote ‘No’ in the upcoming referendum to decide whether Scotland becomes an Independent Nation again. In fact, amidst all the uproar in Scotland over her remarks, I have a sneaky suspicion that one person at least is secretly delighted at the furore she has stirred up and will be taking great pains to remind folk of her insulting words as they head into that polling booth to cast their vote in that Referendum


8 Comments to “Scots are Scroungers”

  1. 49% of yanks not with bothering with?

    Romney is an out of touch buffoon…. it’s got to be nearer 98%.


  2. Damn right, Brigadier (apart from the grammatical errors) !
    The only other question (apart from the speling) is, “Which 98 percent?”
    I guess all the yankees (and even the confederates) on Mad Hatters would be in the 2 percent, unless of course, they take their politicians seriously.
    Other interesting questions are:
    (1) On which side of the border will duncan live, after the election?
    (2) What will be the Scottish National Language?
    (3) What will they call the United Kingdom in future?

    Up Yours… Brittania rules the waves… etc. etc…
    Commoder Niggel.


  3. Election…? Romney…?? What the hell are those things???


  4. ruth has a very short memory i seem to remember it was her tory party that totally wiped out all scotlands heavy industry thats why according to her that 90% of scots are non contributers thats whats happens when successive english government get into power they don’t give a f..k about scotland but only its cash


    • There are few Conservative seats to be won in Scotland so not much incentive for the Tories in London to pay much attention to Scotland. And there’s no doubt a lot of the early stimulus for the Independence movement in Scotland stemmed from years of electing a majority of Labour and SNP MPs in Scotland at General elections only to have a Conservative Government foisted on the country because the Tories won the majority of seats in England


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