What if Money was no Object?

by duncanr

What would you like to do with your life if money was no object?

The late Professor Alan Watts argues it is better to have a short life doing what you enjoy rather than a long miserable one stuck in a job you hate simply in order to make money

P.S. Anyone know why a video narrated in English requires English sub-titles? And particularly bad sub-titles at that!

The subtitles start out fairly accurate but then deteriorate into a total mess – at one point conveying the total opposite of what the professor said and ending in a pile of gibberish that almost makes one think Apple’s Siri was responsible for transcribing the spoken English into written text


5 Comments to “What if Money was no Object?”

  1. If money was no object, then ratty would buy himself solid, 18ct gold dentures and grin at all the people who’d pissed him off over the years.


  2. In my opinion, the late Professor Alan Watts is talking through his bum ‘ole. It’s obvious to everyone that it’s far better to live a LONG life doing what you enjoy.

    What world do these Academics live in, for God’s sake?


  3. If money were no object, I would create a trust to educate people in the correct use of English.


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