Gay Scout Gets Support

by duncanr

eagle scout

up yours !

The Boys Scouts of America has refused to award 17yr old Ryan Andresen his Eagle Scout Badge because he is Gay

The decision has led to hundreds of former Eagle Scouts returning their awards in protest.

Now, a local businessman plans to . . . send his own Eagle Scout award to the youngster

“If I can make him feel like he has some support out there, it’s worth it to me to send him a piece of medal,” said Dr. Andy Zerbinopoulos.

Source –

Hhmm, according to the National Eagle Scout Association webpage –

The Good Turn concept is a major part of the personal growth method of Boy Scouting. Boys grow as they participate in community service projects and do Good Turns for others

‘others’ apparently does not include anyone who professes to be ‘gay’ !


One Comment to “Gay Scout Gets Support”

  1. Whatever is the scouts coming to?

    In my day, you had to embroider your own woggle, knit a scale model of Warrington town hall, complete a cross stitch portrait of Danny LaRue and host your own fashion show on the telly before even being considered for your shirtlifters badge.

    Now, after all that work they want to abandon the thing in favour of less manly pursuits such as trapping wild animals, lighting fires and tying knots in things?

    oooooh, the bitches.


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