EU Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

by duncanr

Norwegians are not particularly noted for their sense of humour

The decision, announced today, that the Nobel Prize for Peace had been awarded to the European Union (EU) shows how badly we have misjudged them. In truth, there was an early indication that they were not so strait-laced as we once thought when they awarded Barack Obama the Peace Prize a few months after he was elected President of the USA and had hardly had time to get his feet under the table. Today, though, in naming the EU the recipient of the 2012 Prize for Peace, they played a joke worthy of The Onion


4 Comments to “EU Awarded Nobel Peace Prize”

  1. This is well deserved.

    For the past 50 years the countries of Europe have spent so much time wondering what the fuck is going on in Brussels and Strasbourg that they simply haven’t had time to start any wars.

    Well….. not with each other anyway.

    This is where the Yanks come in useful. They do all the hard work in stirring up shit in other parts of the world, and then invite their mates from Europe to join in with the actual fighting.

    What a recipe for success. The politicians, the arms industry and now the EU think it’s fantastic.


  2. I’m European. Does this mean I can add “2012 Nobel Peace Prize Winner” to my business cards ?

    Can I . . . can I . . . can I . . ?


  3. . . . and what about one of them there blue plaques over the door of the house where I was born, eh ?


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