Felix Baumgartner – Live Feed

by duncanr

Having been forced to cancel twice because of adverse weather conditions, Felix Baumgartner is now ascending in a helium ballon to the edge of space. The plan is when he reaches 120-130,000 feet he will freefall back to earth, breaking the sound barrier as he does so.

You can follow his progress in the live feed below


9 Responses to “Felix Baumgartner – Live Feed”

  1. He’s done it – just landed back with his feet on the ground


  2. I want to be next!


  3. I second that Stickybud****. it lacked emotional commitment. What we need is something new and exciting, a wedding funeral live birth on the way down.


  4. Ditch the parachute and do it as a bungy jump?



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