Hey, Fukquad!

by UniSciKill

Today I saw someone I recognized from hell high school. His name is… let’s just call him Fukquad, okay? Great. So, I was sitting in the shuttle bus heading back to my old university, and I didn’t notice him until he moved to the front of the bus. Actually, I didn’t recognize him until I saw his profile. I know he recognized me though; I haven’t changed that much. He continued to glance at me, and I ignored him as well as I could ignore a bulbous cold sore. Kidding. I completely ignored him. In fact, when we got off the bus I walked right past him with the air of someone who was too busy to give a damn.

Maybe at this point in this non-story you’re wondering, “why does this matter?” If you’re thinking this, you’re thinking right. The answer is: it doesn’t matter! He was a bully- not the kind that punches you in the face and steals your lunch money- the kind that behaves in a way to offend you. He was the kind of person who went out of his way to provoke you. Well, I wasn’t some hapless nerdy girl. The only reason I stayed quiet was because I cared about my future. I didn’t want to be suspended or expelled for beating the shit out of him because he’s not worth it. He wasn’t worth ruining my future over then and he isn’t worth it now. I don’t feel anger anymore. I just feel sorry for him.


11 Comments to “Hey, Fukquad!”

  1. Good response, Uni

    Bullying is about ‘controlling’ another person through fear

    However much you may be hurting inside, it is best not to give any visible sign that the bully’s actions have affected you. They feed on your fear and will continue their bullying if they think that you are frightened of them. Act as if their actions have no effect, that they are so insignificant you barely notice them or if you do they are hardly worth bothering about and you deny the bully the motivation to continue the bullying. Instead, you are giving off the message that they are not the powerful person they would like to think they are, but are pathetic figures, too insignificant for you to notice.


  2. I was going to point out the supreme irony of a caption about stupid people, containing a basic primary school spelling error…… but I don’t think I’ll bother.

    This is, after all, the new me.


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