May Blocks Gary McKinnon Extradition to the USA

by duncanr

Gary McKinnon faced extradition to USA

Well this is something I wasn’t expecting.

Given the habit in recent years for the UK Government to slavishly jump whenever asked to do so by the USA


I fully expected The Home Secretary Theresa May to announce that the Government had agreed to extradite computer hacker Gary McKinnon to the USA, where he faced a possible 60 yrs in prison

Instead she has accepted medical opinion that Gary, who has Asperger’s syndrome would be at serious risk of committing suicide if sent to the USA

Story breaking here –


3 Comments to “May Blocks Gary McKinnon Extradition to the USA”

  1. The raving cynic in me notes that May waited until she’d got shut of Abu Hamza, Babar Ahmad and a bunch of others to the Septics before making this announcement.


  2. Actually McKinnon seems to be a Mad Hatters kind of guy … In explaining why they wanted to extradite McKinnon, the US Ambassador has been quoted as saying: “He mocked us.”


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