Brothers Claim Jackpot 6 Years Later

by duncanr

Two brothers have won $5 million on a lottery scratch card in the USA.

The brothers won the prize 6 years ago but didn’t come forward to claim the prize until now

One of the brothers said he didn’t claim the money at the time because he

didn’t want the windfall to influence his engagement and subsequent marriage

[I think that’s code for wanting to be sure his girlfriend was marrying him for love and not money] 😉

More on this here –


6 Comments to “Brothers Claim Jackpot 6 Years Later”

  1. Camelot would tell you to fuck right off, if you tried that here!


  2. Around here you get one year to claim the prize or you lose it.


    • It’s the same in the USA – you get a year to claim your winnings after your numbers come up in a lottery DRAW

      With a Scratch card, however, you get a year to claim your winnings after the Game is withdrawn


  3. It probably took them 6 weeks of full-time scratching to find the winning ticket, and then the rest of the six years to fix the sales records in the database. Still a pretty good return on investment but. Eh Nobbly?


  4. In the UK lottery, the draw is made on the Saturday night. Then you have to wait until the following Monday morning for Camelot to confirm that you have, indeed, won the Jackpot.

    This has happened to me several times now. It’s a real bore.


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