Man Sells Wife for Booze

by duncanr

We’ve all been there – well some of us 😳 – when you;re gasping for a drink, there’s no booze in the house and there’s no money to buy any

What do you do?

Well you could try looking down the back of the sofa, checking out the kid’s piggy banks, borrowing some cash from anyone foolish enough to believe you will repay the loan. or you could do what Medula Rajender did . . .

Finding himself with a terrible thirst on him and a wife handily nearby, he sold her to a broker ***

Surprisingly, his wife, Medula Ammayi, did not take kindly to being dumped at the bus station and told to wait for the broker –

I had married Rajender 20 years ago but could not imagine in my wildest dreams that he would resort to such a heinous act,” she said.

Full story here –

*** if you don’t have a wife of your own, try selling your neighbour’s wife

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