Pleb of the Week

by duncanr

Driving home from work today, the DJ on the Asian radio station I listen to announced a new feature – inviting listeners to contact the station and nominate their ‘Desi’ (translate – asian) of the week

I would like to introduce a similar feature in Madhatters. I’ll call it ‘Pleb of the Week’

[‘Pleb’ is a derogatory term for ‘common’ people used by toffy-nosed posh gits]

This will be a sporadic feature, appearing as and when any madhatter thinks anyone deserves to be nominated for the title. To be deserving of such award an individual must demonstrate . . . fortitude and steadfastness in the face of shit from posh arseholes

My nomination for Pleb of this week is the un-named ticket inspector on a train from Wilmslow to London who caught the UK Chancellor, George Osborne, travelling first class when he had only paid for a standard ticket and insisted the fucker pay the full price

Read story here –


One Comment to “Pleb of the Week”

  1. This bloke deserves an honorary mention:


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