One-way Mirror Installed in Women’s Loo

by duncanr

Dots Experimental Sushi restaurant in Vienna has installed a one-way mirror in the ladies loo that lets men in the Gents watch them ‘freshening up’ their make-up.

Alexander Riegler, the man responsible for the mirror defended it as being part of an art project to “stir people into a discussion of voyeurism and surveillance

Surprisingly, some women were upset when they found out about the mirror – damn philistines !

More here –


8 Responses to “One-way Mirror Installed in Women’s Loo”

  1. I am to be thought this most terrible wrong and is no to washing hands before others watching and squeezing pimples publicly.


  2. I have no idea why.


  3. It could have been funny if they’d installed the mirror the other way round.


  4. Ratty please don’t worry. We have no plans to release videos of ancient cross dressers in the womens toilet. Well, at least until they have fair opportunity to pay up.


  5. A lady may have a moustache…
    A lady may own a charming contralto voice…
    A lady might even have passed yours off as a generously sized clit…
    But as everyone knows…
    A lady does not fart.



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