Pump up the G Spot

by duncanr

g spot

Found it !

Ladies, want to go from ‘g‘ to ‘G‘ ?

Like the search for the Holy Grail, man’s hunt for a woman’s ‘g’ spot has proved, for many, equally devoid of success – leading some to conclude that the little fucker is more fable than reality.

Some doctors, however, claim to know exactly where to find it and in return for £800 will . . . inject collagen into a woman’s ‘g – spot’ to increase it in size to that of a 10p coin, thereby enhancing her ability to have an orgasm during sex.

I have quite literally never experienced anything quite like it,’ said one satisfied customer.

I had constant multiple orgasms which went on for hours.

That first time, the whole thing was so intense I was actually a bit scared. I was so overcome, but thankfully the intensity is something I’ve got used to. I still have multiple orgasms every time I have sex, but they no longer leave me flat on my back.’

Hhmmm, before you all rush off to your doctor for an ‘orgasm jab’, ladies, I should point out that the effect of the injection wears off after 3-4 months, so if you want to continue enjoying multiple orgasms you will need to repeat the procedure every few months. At £800 a shot, you or your man will need to have deep pockets !

Read More here – http://tinyurl.com/8gvgzvt


One Comment to “Pump up the G Spot”

  1. “…your man will need to have deep pockets” …and long fingers.


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