Man Divorces Ugly Wife

by duncanr

A man in China accused his beautiful wife of being unfaithful when she gave birth to a baby girl that looked nothing like either of them. In fact, it was fucken ugly !!!

The wife denied having an affair but admitted that before she met him she had spent $100,000 on cosmetic surgery to improve her looks.

Upset, Jian Feng, sued for divorce on the grounds she had married him on false pretences. The judges agreed with Feng, granted him a divorce, and in addition – awarded him $120,000 in damages

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Hhmmm, a woman that looks better on her wedding day than at other times ? Who would have thought it ?


2 Comments to “Man Divorces Ugly Wife”

  1. Kind of hard to be sure how to feel about this one. But it is funny. Thanks.


  2. You can have cosmetic surgery on face, but can’t on knees. Another kind of Chinese takeaway.


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