Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll (and Jimmy Savile)

by duncanr

One time media favourite, Jimmy Savile, who raised £millions for charity has been exposed in recent weeks as a sexual predator of young girls.

The number of women who have come forward to accuse him of sexual molestation is now in the hundreds (and rising every day as more and more find the courage to go public with their accusation)

The sheer number of women involved has astonished many people – as well as how such behaviour could have gone un-noticed at the time

The truth is, it was common knowledge then, and . . . reported in the newspapers at the time, that hordes of teenage girls were hanging round backstage at concerts and TV studios hoping to meet the pop stars and DJs who were their new heroes. Not all wanted simply to meet them and get an autograph. Some wanted the kudos of having sex with these stars. There was even a special name coined at the time to refer to these young girls – ‘Groupies’ (see –

I think that anybody would be forgiven around that time if you’ve got a girl in the corner – everybody was doing that. There were loads of girls, and they were willing. They were all coming into the dressing room – you’re walking into a rock band’s dressing room with a skirt up to your chin. Everybody was messing about. Of course we were. Everybody was groping everybody – that was it at Top of the Pops, everybody was at it.” (Rick Parfitt –

When some young girls were throwing themselves at their heroes it is not surprising that other young (more innocent) girls were treated as if they belonged to the former group. Sad, true, but not surprising. What is surprising (not really) is everyone who was around at the time claiming no knowledge now that this sort of thing was going on. They may not have known specifically that Jimmy Savile was up to no good with young girls (who would have thought any young girls would have found the shell-suited, peroxide blonde haired creep attractive in the first place?), but they certainly knew other buggers were !

According to publicist, Max Clifford, a number of celebrities at the time have approached him – worried that widening police enquiries might uncover their own sexual exploits with young girls

He said the stars, some of whom were still big names, had approached him to handle any fallout from inquiries. He said they were worried because at their peak they had lived a hedonistic lifestyle where young girls threw themselves at them but they “never asked for anybody’s birth certificate. (

The sad reality is no-one at the time enquired the age of these hordes of groupies. It was convenient for everyone to assume they were of legal age and the fact there were so many of them willing to engage in sexual activities with celebrities would only have made it all the more difficult for any girl on the receiving end of unwanted sexual advances from these ‘stars’ to voice a complaint and be believed.

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