Whisky Restores Man’s Sight

by duncanr

black label whiskyWe call whisky “uisge beatha” in the gaelic – meaning “water of life

A New Zealand man certainly has reason to be thankful for the health benefits of uisge beatha.

Denis Duthie celebrated his parents 50th Wedding Anniversary with a few drinks from a bottle of vodka. Unfortunately, the vodka reacted badly with his medication for diabetes causing him to lose his sight.

At the hospital, doctors reckoned it was a case of formaldehyde poisoning but didn’t have enough medical ethanol to counter it’s effect. Fortunately, a quick thinking doctor (must have some Scottish blood in him) nipped out and . . .bought a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label which they dripped into his stomach

Five days later he woke up – his sight restored


Now if only we had more doctors like that in the UK

P.S. if whisky is so good for the eyes, I wonder why the doctors treating my glaucoma don’t prescribe it instead of eyedrops – bloody cheapskates !

One Comment to “Whisky Restores Man’s Sight”

  1. Just me and my pal Johnny Walker and his brothers Black and Red…and we drank alone, yeah with nobody else…



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