Avoid the Fiscal Cliff : Tax the Whores

by duncanr

prostituteAmericans are much exercised at the moment with the so-called ‘fiscal cliff’ (http://tinyurl.com/bkarnnb)

Brothel keeper, Dennis Hof, owner of Nevada’s Moonlight Bunny Ranch, however, has a novel solution to avoid the crisis – make prostitution legal and tax it (http://tinyurl.com/cyfzjgc)

With many nations around the world weathering a harsh economic clime and an estimated $30 billion spent annually on prostitution, Hof’s proposal is . . .one worth considering by other countries too. At a stroke, life would be so much better for us all

The UK Government keeps telling us we are all in this together, but it seems some of us have been getting a free ride. I’m starting a protest group here – stop stealing from my pension fund, cutting welfare benefits, increasing tax on essentials (like beer and whisky) – tax the f*cken whores instead !

One Comment to “Avoid the Fiscal Cliff : Tax the Whores”

  1. i laughed so so bad, ” tax the whores” , tough one really… but then again why not ?

    i just think it will be not far to me to be fucked and gagged by a man that i might not even like then share that with the government ….

    ha ha. funny!!1


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