No Sex Please – the Dog’s Watching

by duncanr

erectile dysfunctionMen have long viewed with suspicion the sudden onset of a ‘headache’ that precludes their partner from having sex with them, suspecting (rightly?) that the pain the woman is referring to is not in her head but is the dude standing at the foot of the bed waving his dick at her

New research, however, reveals that men too may. on occasion, offer a weak excuse to avoid some ‘rumpy-pumpy’ –

In many cases, these excuses to avoid sex are . . . an attempt to prevent their partner finding out that they ‘can no longer ‘get it up’ and are too embarrassed to tell them

So ladies, next time your man says he’s too tired for sex, he wants to watch Eastenders, or he can’t concentrate because the dog’s watching, don’t assume he’s having an affair and ‘getting it’ elsewhere with another woman – whip him round to your local GP to discuss whether he is suffering from erectile dysfunction !


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