Virgin Mary Withdrawn to Save the Pope

by duncanr

virgin mary crispsFlavoured with Worcester Sauce and Chili, it must have seemed an obvious choice for Pret a Manger to name their new crisp, ‘Virgin Mary‘ – after the non-alcoholic version of a ‘Bloody Mary’ cocktail.

However, following complaints by the Catholic organisation, Protect the Pope, – offended by the decision to call a brand of crisps by the name of Jesus’s mother – the sandwich chain has withdrawn Virgin Mary crisps from sale

Protect the Pope are naturally . . . delighted at the news and are now considering similar positive action against other perceived attacks on their religion . . .

We’ve been passive for too long in the face of mockery of our faith and discrimination against us as Catholics a statement on their website says

Hhmm, anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of history would question any suggestion that the Catholic Church had been passive when encountering what it perceived to be attacks/insults against it’s beliefs and practices ! 🙄

One Comment to “Virgin Mary Withdrawn to Save the Pope”

  1. Still no word on my delicious breakfast treat, Pope Tarts.


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