Ringtone Betrays Phone Concealed in Anus

by duncanr

ringing cell phoneA 58 yr old prisoner in Shri Lanka has been caught trying to smuggle a cell-phone into prison.

Warders were alerted to the fact he had a phone about his person when they heard a ring tone coming from his arse

A subsequent x-ray showed a cell phone, a charger, and a headset concealed up his bum – http://tinyurl.com/adwvw32

P.S. No report as to what the ringtone was

Anyone suggest a suitable ringtone for the occasion ? 😆

8 Comments to “Ringtone Betrays Phone Concealed in Anus”

  1. I’ll start, shall I ?

    “Please Release Me” 😆


  2. “You Can’t Stop the Music”

    No, not THAT one…

    THIS one…


  3. Danger, Danger, Will Robinson… remember “Lost in Space” – and the then imagined height of technological innovation: the smellophone?


  4. “We gotta get out of this place” (The Animals)


  5. 4th Movement of Beethoven’s 9th


  6. And by the way, duncanr, don’t think we haven’t noticed: “ring” tone…


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