Dogs of War

by duncanr

happy dogThe LOC (Line Of Control) marks the border between India and Pakistan controlled areas of Jammu and Kashmir (

Indian and Pakistani troops are permanently stationed along it’s length, watching each other with mutual suspicion

Occasionally, that suspicion and mistrust is justified . . .

In January, India claimed one of two soldiers killed in a firefight with Pakistani forces who had crossed the LOC had been beheaded. A claim Pakistan denied (

Domestic pressure demanded the Indian government take tough action against Pakistan in reprisal for this grisly killing

Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, accordingly, sent a polite letter to his Pakistani counterpart, pointing out that beheading the soldier was not cricket, what? – and demanding the ball head back

Few folk were bowled over by Singh’s response but then he lobbed a googly, launching a bio-warfare attack on Lahore. While politicians in Pakistan advised against escalating the situation, the military chiefs were not prepared to ‘let sleeping dogs lie’ . . . see

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