AOC Strips Nudists of Title

by duncanr

nude olympicsThe Maslin Beach Nude Olympics have been running since 1983 – [I dread to think what the pole vaulting event entails; and as for the baton exchange in the Men’s 400 metre relay? Well, all I can say is they better be careful what they grab !!!] 😯

The AOC (Australian Olympic Committee) has now stepped in, however, to strip organisers of the right to use the word ‘Olympics’ when advertising their event.

A spokesperson for the AOC said . . .

The word Olympic and the Olympic symbols are covered by the Olympic Insignia Protection Act . . . We are protecting our property … they are breaking the law. (

The organisers of the Maslin Beach Nude Olympics – which feature events such as a sack race, most beautiful bum, and a donut eating competition (I’ll leave it to your imagination to figure what that last comp involves 😉 ) are now lokking for an alternative name. Any suggestions you may have will no doubt be gratefully received

P.S. more pics of the nude olympics can be viewed here –

6 Comments to “AOC Strips Nudists of Title”

  1. Is Olympiad considered the same thing?


  2. I’d tell them to fuck off – the Olympic Games were originally held about 3,000 years ago, and these arseholes weren’t around then. What gives them the right to lay claim to the name for their fake modern equivalent?


    • Quite right Sticky. Noting that the original olympics were also held in the raw, Maslin Beach definitely has Right on their side. However, some may argue that they lack the necessary Might to convince everyone else.


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