Monkey Gets Statue in Cork

by duncanr

monkey drinkingOn 7th April 1943, an American Flying Fortress enroute to England got lost and landed instead in Clonakilty in Co. Cork, Eire. The local police ‘arrested’ the crew of eleven and their mascot – a monkey named Tojo – and ‘imprisoned’ them in the bar of the local hotel. They also ‘liberated’ 36 bottles of rum from the plane. For 3 days, the . . .‘prisoners’, Tojo, and locals partied. When the drink was gone, the ‘prisoners’ were transferred to the RAF in Northern Ireland. Sadly, Tojo partied too hard. He died and was given a full military funeral by the locals –

Now, a statue to Tojo is set to be unveiled in Clonakilty to commemorate their ‘local hero’

6 Comments to “Monkey Gets Statue in Cork”

  1. Dont you wish you could live in Cork! We’d give anyone a welcome as long as we can party. And now another excuse for a party, unveiling a statue to a monkey.


  2. A statue in bronze would be much better.


  3. A lot of people would be considered heroes if they used that criteria,


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