What is Bitcoin?

by duncanr

Bitcoin is a word I’ve heard a lot off in the last few days. It’s a digital currency apparently – I’ve grasped that much at least – but beyond that, I’m totally lost

I listened to the two young guys behind bitcoin answering questions on an early morning radio show in the UK and was left

a. no wiser than I was at the start of the interview
b. thinking what a pair of useless wankers – neither of them seemingly capable of explaining what a paper bag is nevermind bitcoin

So I thought this video might make a better job of explaining to me what a bitcoin is, how it’s value is determined, and how it is used in everyday financial transactions in the real as opposed to gaming world

Hhmm, after watching the video, I’ve still got unanswered questions. I guess it’s just me then that’s stupid !

2 Responses to “What is Bitcoin?”

  1. I could use a bit more coin



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