Real Men Wear Kilts

by duncanr

kiltie silhoutteSo, scientists are finally realising what generations of scots (men and women) have known all along – men in kilts are more virile than poncy blokes in trousers.

It’s all to do with the cooling breeze round a scotsman’s nuts, you see. Too much heat down there – as a result of wearing tight underpants – damages a man’s sperm, thereby reducing his fertility –

So, girls, if you want to maximise your chances of having a baby, find a man with a kilt **

Meanwhile, in France, bus drivers . . . in Marseilles are threatening to go on strike because the trousers of their new uniform are too tight and are squeezing their ‘manly bits’ –

Perhaps the strike could be averted by offering to ditch the tight troos and allowing them to wear a kilt instead? šŸ˜†

** Did I mention I often wear a kilt? Now don’t all rush at once, ladies. Form an orderly queue and I’ll get to you when I can !

One Comment to “Real Men Wear Kilts”

  1. just make sure he wipes well


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