Any comment ? ? ?

by ratty

Real or Fake?

Real or Fake?

I’ve commenced with the French version of the site

as it features the purported photos of the “actor.” The English version does not.

For the English version go to :


I don’t know one way or the other, but I’ve been uneasy with the differing accounts of the final shoot-out with the surviving, younger, bomber and his attempt at suicide, followed by the news that he was unarmed.

If you’ve got the time, I’d recommend you follow all the links.

Any comments ?

12 Comments to “Any comment ? ? ?”

  1. Ummm. So how do they get everyone to keep quiet ? It would be easier for them just to blow up a few people than go for an elaborate plan like that.


    • Don’t believe him!

      I read on a blog that his sister’s best mate married some bloke who used to live next door to another bloke who once sold a newspaper to the son of an altogether different bloke that played in the same cricket team as an ex-member of the Canberra Institute of Agronomists.

      He’s not to be trusted,


  2. Sorry, guys – I think this conspiracy crap is just that . . . a load of bollocks!

    Just what exactly is supposed to be the purpose of this supposed ‘false flag’ operation?

    Is the USA looking to justify an invasion of the Chechen Republic ?

    This whole ‘fake victim’ hypothesis is a joke. The so-called ‘actor’ is Lieutenant Nick Vogt who lost his legs in Kandahar, Afghanistan –

    The guy who lost his legs in the Boston Bombing is Jeff Bauman Jr –

    They don’t even look alike 🙄


    • The point of it?

      Some right-wing eejit was just spouting on the radio that Obama’s renewed (and previously broken) promise to close Guantanamo can now not possibly happen in the wake of the Boston bombing.


  3. For me, some things don’t quite stack up.

    However, in complex situations they seldom do, and there are always opportunists on both side of any situation willing to tell porkies just to push their own agenda.

    I have friends in Mass. who are deeply upset about the whole thing, and as I know even less about what happened than they do, I’ll keep my trap shut.


  4. Incidentally, I wonder if the large Irish contingent in Boston, who seem to think that the IRA are all fine chaps have changed their views on people bombing the shit out of town centres and killing kids?


  5. It’s pointless, ratty. If most people can’t see that 911 was an inside job, there’s no chance that they’ll believe this was.


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