Bearman’s 2013 Charity Challenge

by duncanr

Bearman has been a loyal supporter of Madhatters from our very early days

He’s a talented cartoonist but is crap at drawing people – I mean just look at his miserable attempt to draw me [a word to Her Majesty – don’t ever comission Bearman to draw your portrait !]

The real Me

The real Me

Looks nothing like Me

Looks nothing like Me

Still, his heart’s in the right place.

For the past 5years, he has been running a Charity Challenge during the month of May.

Empty-Bearmans-PocketsThe amount donated depends on you.

It won’t cost you a penny, but if you promote his fund-raising events he will donate a certain amount of money.

Different methods of highlighting his Challenge attract different levels of donations.

Visit his website at for full details of how you can help redistribute some of his wealth to those less fortunate than himself


3 Responses to “Bearman’s 2013 Charity Challenge”

  1. Coughing Coughing.

    As long as I don’t have to turn my head and you aren’t squeezing my nuts


  2. Maybe you could photoshop your Bearman pic.



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