Family at War

by duncanr

91 yr old John “Jack” Potter is a Second World War vet and former mayor of Zaleski, Ohio.

Fearful with regard to his ailing health, he gave his daughter power of attorney over his affairs

Little did he know that the bitch she transferred ownership of his home for the past 56 years into her own name – until she served him with an eviction notice ! –

Now, his grand-daughter is trying to raise the money to buy the house back from her mother so she can gift it back to her grandfather

11 Comments to “Family at War”

  1. Danged if that Jack Potter don’t remind me of a younger older version of some critter I know !


  2. Of course everyone spotted it.

    He’s a dead ringer for The Duchess of Cornwall.


  3. She is also a mean dancer…..


  4. I’m not allowed to watch your video, nobbly . . .

    Cette vidéo inclut du contenu de Base79 TV (Base79/2), qui l’a bloqué dans votre pays pour des raisons de droits d’auteur.

    what a fucking bummer Sacré bleu


    • Merde alors!

      C’est un clip d’un episode tres fucking funny de “Father Ted” dans which un vieux homme avec un beard tres shabby, (comme le beard de Duncan) makes un right arse d’himself.


  5. Oh bollocks! That’s allowed my Father Ted addiction to surface.

    How about a bit of Kicking Bishop Brennan up the arse?


    • Cette vidéo a été bloquée dans votre pays par l’utilisateur qui l’a mise en ligne.

      It’s not my lucky day !


    • Copyright issues here too! Troooooly disappointing. I could only access an inferior, obviously pirated copy through Youtube, which was full of that despicable “tinned laughter” which nobbly so rightly despises.


  6. No family problems there.


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