Tempus Fucken Fugit

by duncanr

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 20.04.03WordPress sent us this message today

Hard to believe it is 6 years since we started Madhatters

In that time we have put up 8,940 posts (an average of 4 posts per day) and received over 1 million (1,093,094) views – and all without once ever being ‘Freshly Pressed’ (stick that up your arse, WordPress!)

My thanks to my fellow authors on madhatters, both present (Nobbly, Ratty, Uniscikill) and past (Noseycow, and Julie) and all who have supported us by reading and commenting on our nonsense over the years !

21 Comments to “Tempus Fucken Fugit”

  1. Tragic. What a crime! Did you see that Emily Annes (unkilled darlings) post on her dad got freshly pressed. I let her know I was not impressed. Eaten up with jealousy! But to more important things, Congratulations, I rarely read the freshly pressed, it usually lacks humor!


  2. I’m good at bad manners. I’ve made a career of it.

    I also have a part-time job in the evenings as a foul language teacher.

    Oh…. and if you’re having another drink then chuck some over here will you, please? I’ve just polished off this bottle.


  3. What does “Freshly Pressed” mean?


  4. One is totally aaapologetic, but Duncan, whilst one will admit to a certain familiarity with the tierm TEMPUS FUGIT one is not, at aaall, familiaaar with “fucken.”

    Your pal, Mus


  5. [ Smiles ] Happy 6th Blogging Anniversary!


  6. Yoooohoooo ….. I’M BACK ….. may I please be removed from the “past” category now – it makes me feel old 😆 …. I sure as hecking freak aint past my prime yet!


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