Incendiary Devices found in Merseyside

by duncanr

bombCould this be the terrorist’s new weapon of choice?

They are small, easily transportable, and – cunningly disguised as a foodstuff – can easily pass inspection without arousing suspicion

Yet these incendiary devices have been responsible for 3 fires in the Merseyside area of the UK in recent weeks –

11 Comments to “Incendiary Devices found in Merseyside”

  1. “You can’t have your Eccles cake and heat it”….. great line!

    Although why anyone would want to heat up an Eccles cake is beyond me.


  2. There was a young woman from Beccles
    Who purchased the foodstuff from Eccles
    She made the mistake
    Of zapping her cake
    And the bloody thing blew off her freckles!


  3. An angry scouse fireman said
    “If you want to avoid being dead
    Do as you’re fucking told
    and leave your Eccles cakes cold
    as nature intended, dickhead!”


  4. It’s frightening in that the internet is full of sites on how to make these things.


  5. When I was a kid, they were known as ‘eckless’ cakes.
    I always thought it was because they had been exported from Lancashire, and so had lost their ‘eck’ (as in “Ee, by ‘eck!” or “Ecky thump!”).
    It wasn’t until 1968, when I met a girl called Jennifer, that I learned the truth (and she was feckless…)


  6. A Lancashire son of the prophet
    Was considered, his head to be off it,
    His microwave bomb
    Made of Ecclesian scone,
    Blew his bonce from the nonce when he scoffed it


  7. Squashed fly cakes? Uuuurgh


  8. in Scotland we have these –

    two squares of pastry with a currant filling which we call ‘fly cemeteries’


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