Spot the Odd Man Out

by duncanr

Using social media, police in Clarksville, Tennessee, have identified and arrested 3 prostitutes – 2 men and a woman

Police said they will continue to conduct operations in an effort to improve the quality of life of Clarksville citizens

Bravo – removing ugly prostitutes from the scene will certainly do that !

But wait . . .

2 men and a woman?


Which one’s the woman ?

3 Comments to “Spot the Odd Man Out”

  1. Scary is the woman. Or rather, the woman is scary.


  2. Man.Woman.

    What’s the difference . . ?

    I once had a girlfriend who, whilst chewing on her lower lip and flashing her eyes provocatively, suggested that I “turn her over” and “try it the other way, to see what it was like – just this once.”

    “Whaaat,” I said, “and risk getting you pregnant ?”


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