Nazi Dad back in Court

by duncanr

baby hitlerLong time readers of Madhatters will remember our post way back in Dec 2008 about the store in New Jersey that refused to decorate a birthday cake for a little boy because his father had named him Adolf Hitler -see ‘No cake for Adolf

We also reported that little Adolf Hitler Campbell and his two elder sisters, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell and Honszlynn Himler Jeannie Campbell were subsequently removed from the parents and placed in foster care in 2009 and a New Jersey court had ruled in 2010 against returning the kids to the parents – see ‘Adolf Hilter won’t go Home

heath campbellWell, in the latest update to this family saga, the father has turned up in Full Nazi Regalia to ask a NJ court to allow him visiting rights to his kids – see

Anyone rate his chances of success ?

8 Comments to “Nazi Dad back in Court”

  1. Yeah, chances are somewhere between zip-all and vokkol


  2. Only an uber-twat would go to court dressed in full Nazi military uniform (and he’s not even a fucking soldier). In today’s politically correct climate, he would have stood a much better chance had he worn a nightshirt with a tea towel on his head.


  3. He is obviously so not well. Maybe we should introduce him to that Jesus character in Australia who is married to Mary Magdalene, if we keep looking around I’m sure we will find some more old characters and in time, we will soon be able to actually live in the past!


  4. Well at least he’s showing his true colours. Quite literally.


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