Coitus Rudely Interrupted

by duncanr

no entryA 20 yr old woman, who spotted a couple making love in their car, asked them to stop. When they ignored her, she dialled 911.

When the couple tried to drive off, she repeatedly stood in front of the car to prevent them leaving before the cops arrived

No surprise then that the interfering prude young woman ended up in hospital when the driver of the car ran over her foot when driving off –

Shame, innit !

3 Comments to “Coitus Rudely Interrupted”

  1. The damn nerve of people nowadays …. absolutely disgusting it is!!
    Should’ve minded her own business ….


  2. Had this couple going at it in the parking lot where I worked. Strolled up to the open window…tossed a dime on the guys stomach and said “get a room”

    They left


  3. Why didn’t she just get it all on her iPhone?


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