The Prisoner

by duncanr

prisonerMy brother took being sent to jail really badly

He refused all offers of food and drink, spat and swore at anyone who came near him, and smeared the walls with his own faeces

After that we . . . never played Monopoly again !

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5 Comments to “The Prisoner”

  1. I really fell for that one !

    I take off my Top-hat to you.


  2. This was so good. You never know what anyone is going to share on wordpress. I knew you were Scottish so a brother in jail was only a short skip and jump (joke!), and then I saw monopoly!!!! Ha ha.


  3. It’s a good thing you never played Clue with him!


  4. Board games are barred from our family get-togethers …. they normally don’t end well! It’s coz my big brother has a big mouth … and of course I cannot sit back and not respond!


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