Man Accused on Facebook of having an Affair

by duncanr

steph strayerThe woman in the pic is Steph Strayer.

Looks pretty pleased with herself, doesn’t she?

Why is she grinning?

She was travelling on a train from Philadephia and overheard a group of men bragging to one another about their sexual exploits with women other than their wives

She was so incensed, listening to these boasts, that she . . . posted a pic of one of these men on Facebook with a comment . . .

If this is your husband, I have endured a 2 hour train ride from Philadelphia listening to this loser and his friends brag about their multiple affairs and how their wives are too stupid to catch on. Oh please repost.

This man’s pic has been reposted over 188,000 times now on Facebook –

No wonder Steph Strayer is looking so smug. If this man really was having an affair and was not just bragging to his friends, then she has achieved her objective in publically shaming him

Just a pity the self-righteous interfering busybody didn’t stop to consider the effect on the man’s wife and kids (shame, humiliation, possible breakup of the family) before making it widely known to the woman’s friends, family, and the wider community that her husband was/is having an affair.

8 Comments to “Man Accused on Facebook of having an Affair”

  1. I’d grin if I were travelling on a train from Philadelphia. Scowling would be in order if going the other way.


  2. I can imagine wanting to do it, but no no no! I wonder does she regret it or is she just one of those very busy righteous people?


    • Many women are probably not so unaware of their husbands affairs as the husband likes to think – but they choose to turn a blind eye to it for the sake of keeping the family together if there are children involved and the husband is discreet so his infidelity does not publicly shame and humiliate her

      I don’t think this sanctimonious woman thought for one moment about the pain and humiliation she was inflicting on another woman by announcing to the woman’s family, friends, neighbours, and the whole world that her husband was having an affair. Nor that by her action a marriage might be destroyed and kids left without a father’s daily presence in their lives.

      [And if the man is not having an affair but was just bragging to his mates to impress them with what a ‘lad’ he was then I hope he sues her for libel]


  3. Admirable woman.

    To Hell with the consequences, do the right thing and you can look the world right in the eye. Yessiree !

    That being the case, I can’t help but wonder why she didn’t approach the men directly. Still, thank God for Facebook.


  4. She couldn’t give a tuppeny toss for the effects on the families. All she is interested in is her 15 minutes of fame, and forcing her principles onto others.

    At least, that’s what our milkman says that she told him in bed this morning.


  5. She is an amazing woman and believes his wife would be empowered by knowing the truth


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