Why Dogs are a Man’s Best Friend

by duncanr

In Russia, a dog helps it’s disabled owner through the flooded streets

via Arbroath

18 Comments to “Why Dogs are a Man’s Best Friend”

  1. Duncs … did you get my mail yesterday afternoon?


  2. I hate name droppers. At the weekend, I had some close friends around for drinkie-poos and I brought this subject up with them. Nelson Mandella was about to give his opinion, when he was interrupted by Ringo whose remarks were whole-heartedly endorsed by Bono (who had just returned from a Charity tour of Africa, bless him.)

    “Look” said Barrack, “I know that you and I go back years, but do you think we have time for this subject before we tuck into Din-dins ?” “Don’t be silly” said Gordon (my chef, and friend of many years standing) “I can turn the pasties down a bit.”

    Michael Douglas, upon hearing this, expressed concern that this may not be ideal fare, considering his recent throat problems. “Just don’t gobble it down” quipped David Cameron, to raucous laughter from Brad and Angelina.

    The subject was never properly addressed and just seemed to fizzle out, though several, like Bernie Eccleston, Kate (who had taken time off from her busy modelling career to attend) and Ozzy tried to reintroduce it. Unfortunately for them, they were drowned out by my old mates from “Take That” who had launched into an impromptu version of ‘For he’s a jolly good fellow’ in my honour.

    Tsk. Name droppers? I hate ’em.


  3. You mean you didn’t have Rowan round? Oh dear, what a non-event.

    You really must try to get him around for canapes and cocktails one evening – the chap is an absolute hoot. The last time he dropped in at our place it was rather unexpected, and to make things really embarrassing the other Rowan was already there. You know… the chap who plays that Mr. Bream character on the television. Anyway after we’d introduced them, and they’d sobered up enough to realise they shared a name, they were in their element.

    “Rowan can drink more than Rowan!” declared Rowan and putting down his staff (this was before he retired) he proceeded to empty a complete bottle of 12 year old Glen Hoddle into his mitre and guzzle it in one noisy swig.

    “That Rowan is a big girls blouse when it comes to quaffing” shouted Rowan in response, as he drained the Koi pond, pausing only twice. Once for breath and a second time to be noisily sick over the fence into the neighbour’s decorative Buddhist shrine.

    “Oh! He fucking well is , is he?” Rowan’s beard bristled with delight as he spied the tank full of heating oil, and lay under the tap with his mouth open wide.

    As I say, the chap is an absolute hoot. He may of course have calmed down a bit since packing in the religious malarkey, but I’m sure he’d still be enormous fun if you got him together with Ozzy.

    Toodle pip…


  4. Ahem. a little off topic, what!

    dogs…. water…friend..pushing etc.

    Very admirable. Keep up the good work. Damn fine show.


  5. Yes, what is all this talk about dogs, Russia, flooded streets and wotnot doing in a column about name dropping.

    Typical Duncan that, always trying to change the subject.

    To be truthful, I find it bloody annoying !


    • Тем не менее, он дает нам еще один шанс общаться на иностранном языке.


      • You don’t fool me with your Cyrillic script. And you’re not even called Cyril!


        You’ve been fantasising about sheep, with a bacon sandwich while still trying to flog that bloody Raleigh bike, haven’t you?


  6. Я однажды видел Иан Пейсли в середине толпы, поднимая велосипед над головой.

    “Что вы делаете, доктор Пейсли?” Спросил я.

    “Я держась RALEIGH!” он плакал


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