Man Calls Cops to Complain about Ugly Woman

by duncanr

ugly womanMy local Police have released a recording of a 999 call (UK equivalent of 911 call in the USA) from a disgruntled punter on discovering that women are not always as pretty as they are painted

The man had arranged to meet a prostitute outside a hotel. He asked her to . . . describe herself beforehand and was disappointed when instead of the raving beauty he was expecting, a right ugly cow turned up. He was so annoyed, he called the police to have them do the woman for ‘misrepresentation’

Hhmmm, this dude has obviously never heard of paper bags!

He should consider himself lucky he was only meeting this woman for casual sex. Some guys have it much worse . . .

Pity this poor sod !

6 Comments to “Man Calls Cops to Complain about Ugly Woman”

  1. That’s hilarious…and kinda fucked up. But mostly hilarious.


  2. He wouldn’t look too good himself if I could get my hands on him, the prat! His only hope would be to plead mental health issues.


  3. instead of wingeing to the cops, he should have tried negotiating for a discount because – while the goods had arrived – the packaging was worn and torn


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