Room with a View (of a Dick)

by duncanr

You'll be safe with me, babe !!!

You’ll be safe with me, babe !!!

Hhmm, $2000 a month for a tiny studio flat in Manhatton that would fit inside my living room seems a bit steep. I imagine the estate agent tasked with finding a tenant to lease such a flat might find it a hard sell. So how does he grab folks attention and stop them just glancing at the rental price and moving on to the next property on the viewing list?

Well, posting a pic of a large penis might just do the trick !

To be fair, the estate agent denies the penis is his (too small perhaps?) and claims he has been hacked.

For those of you who are mildy curious to view the penis that doesn’t belong to the agent, here is a link –

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11 Comments to “Room with a View (of a Dick)”

  1. that’s awesome.


  2. He could be done for false advertising!


  3. Now, there’s a thought.

    Everyone seems to overlook my ad for my red Raleigh drop handlebar bike.



  4. ratty getting pally
    With a girl from down the alley
    A goer and a scally
    I think her name was Sally
    He wooed her and he shagged her
    And when she thought he’d bagged her
    He went down on one knee and said
    “You wanna buy a Raleigh?”

    I’d better stop this now, or people might start talking.


    • ^ I LOVE this guy ^

      (btw – I did have a girlfriend called Sally. She was fun, intelligent, artistic, serious and sensitive.

      She dumped me for a guy with a faster car and a bigger cock.)


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