“Oh it’s all gone quiet over there…….”

by NobblySan



Wherefore art thou, Julie?

…and would’st thou perchance care to give thy learned and unbiased opinion of this?


19 Comments to ““Oh it’s all gone quiet over there…….””

  1. I expect she’s drowning her sorrows !


    • She’ll be playing the ‘I’m two hours ahead of you, and can’t reply until I get to work’ card while she thinks up some half-arsed excuse for their abject performance.

      Of course, ratty is thirty years ahead of us, and doesn’t work at all, but he manages to chip in with the odd semi-coherent comment now and again.


  2. Are you looking for Julie, the Protea’s supporter? I’ll see if I can find her …..


  3. They’re not called “The Chokers” for nothing, you know …. they didn’t disappoint in that department!


  4. Is this the point where I’m meant to be congratulating you? Sorry … forgot my manners – well done England, a well deserved win 🙂


  5. Ball tampering!! I tell you!


  6. What do you know about ball tampering, Julie?


  7. OI NOBBLES …. NOBBLES …… wherefore art thou Nobbles?


  8. Yeh, c’mon out you chicken-livered coward and face my daughter wot I have passed on my feet* to.

    *Piedophile – someone who likes feet.

    **Empiricalphile – someone who likes feet and inches and hates those johnny-foreigner metermillies and centipedes.


  9. Yes! Pleased to be coming out here and fightings like a man, you NobbilySam person.

    Oh, Cor blimey yes – goodness gracious me!

    There are being plenty of us fine Indian type chappies waitings to be having most sincere and meaningful chat with you about this cricket final and your wonderful Birmingham weather. Oh hell, yes.

    Yours with mostly faithfulness,

    Rami Tuppem Gudanard.


  10. My client, Mr. NobblySan, wishes to take this opportunity to apologise to any persons of Indian descent or extraction who may have been offended by his previous two comments.

    He is aware that such stereotypical nonsense, whilst once considered vaguely humourous, can be construed as racist or insulting. This was most certainly not my client’s intention when making the aforementioned comments. He had asked me to issue a personal statement expressing his regret; but having actually read it, I have declined to do so.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Mr. F.U.U. Barsteward

    Senior Partner
    Fuckemova and Leggitt (solicitors)


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