Shortage of Canadian Wankers

by duncanr

sad spermHard to believe I know – but there are only 35 wankers in the whole of Canada 😯

Oh, there are plenty of amateurs, but only 35 recognized ‘official’ wankers


6 Comments to “Shortage of Canadian Wankers”

  1. Pah! We have a parliament full of official wankers!


  2. Where’s Alan Truitt when you need him?


    • Who’s Alan Truitt?

      I’m only asking you this because I looked him up, and there are several of him, none of whom appear to be significant in any way.


  3. He was before your time. A bloke of great wit (if not wisdom), who together with his brother wrote some of the funniest blogs around.


  4. ratty takes great pleasure (literally) in announcing the ouverture of his new business venture, “Spunkexport.” Shipments world wide, please supply 24 hours notice and a copy of Playboy. All orders despatched in Kleenex. Further details on request.

    Phone : 97 98 99 100


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