US Seeks to Save Face

by duncanr

taliban2After more than a decade waging war against the Taliban in Afghanistan – a war that has killed and injured thousands of US and Allied troops, Taliban fighters, and Afghan civilians – the Taliban have not been defeated

With the US committed to pulling her troops out of Afghanistan next year, leaving the Taliban in a position to rout the fledgling Afghan army and supplant Hamid Karzai as the major political force in the country, some folk might wonder what the US gained from this war?

Some might even draw . . .unkind parallels with the US scurrying out of Vietnam, unable to beat the Viet Cong

The news that the US and Taliban are to engage in direct talks with one another has caused a bit of a stir

With the Taliban undefeated, and the US committed to withdrawing it’s forces from the country, it would seem the Taliban hold all the strong cards. They have no need to talk to the USA at all. The only party with anything to gain from these talks is the USA which could do with emerging from the talks with an agreement of sorts (which the Taliban will immediately ignore) to dignify their retreat

2 Comments to “US Seeks to Save Face”

  1. In God we Trust.

    With the subtext… “In Prophet Profit we Trust even more”


  2. declare victory, go home.


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