Jeremy Forrest : Some Questions

by duncanr

Jeremy ForrestA married teacher has been found guilty of ‘Abduction’ after he fled to France with a 15yr old girl when police began to investigate rumours of their affair.

I have to be honest, the verdict of the jury in this case surprised me

I always understood the . . .term ‘abduction’ to mean kidnapping someone with some degree of force to overcome their resistance to the notion of accompanying you.

Just to make sure I hadn’t got the wrong end of the stick, I googled ‘Abduction. These are the first 3 definitions I found of the term . . .


the act of taking someone away by force or cunning; kidnapping

the criminal act of capturing and carrying away by force a family member

To carry off by force; kidnap.

There was no suggestion that the teacher had taken the girl to France against her will. Indded she testified at the trial that she went willingly, and furthermore, she stated quite categorically under oath that running away from home was her idea and that he had accompanied her because of his concern that she might come to harm if she went on her own

Perhaps someone can explain to me then how a man can be found guilty of abduction when the supposed abductee denies being abducted? – – it’s a bit like finding a man guilty of robbery when the person he is accused of stealing from denies that any theft took place

Putting aside my nitpicking as to whether or not ‘abduction’ was an appropriate crime with which to charge and convict Jeremy Forrest, there are a couple of other ‘issues’ surrounding this case that trouble me

The UK age of consent for sex is 16 yrs so I expected Jeremy Forrest to be found guilty of having sex with a minor – though whether that makes him the paedophile the prosecution and jury decided he was, I’m not so sure of.

Many young girls in the UK do not wait until they are 16 yr old before having sex with their boyfriend. Does that make their boyfriend a paedophile? If not, then when is the tag appropriate? If the boyfriend is 17 is he a paedophile? Or does he need to be 18 or 19 or 20 or . . . at what age do we judge them to be not a boyfriend but a paedophile?

In keeping with the prosecutions case that this teacher is a paedophile, he was described in court as ‘grooming’ the young girl – this grooming involved such things as holding her hand, kissing her, texting her. These are the sort of things one would normally describe as courtship. So when does an activity cease to be an act of courtship and become one of grooming ?

I think we are too swift to bandy the term Paedophile about. I heard no evidence that this teacher had a history of inappr0priate behaviour towards young girls. I heard no evidence of photos of young girls being found on his PC or laptop. yet the portrayal of him as such undoubtedly contributed to the swift unanimous condemnation of him by the jury

24 Comments to “Jeremy Forrest : Some Questions”

  1. You forgot to mention his wife and I think he has a child!!! Maybe not a paedophile but he is an old man to that young girl. But apart from that the awful thing is he was employed as a teacher, so he breached a real bond of trust by carrying on with a student. A 16 year old regardless of what way they behave are still children. If it was my child the charge would be very different, I would be up for murder! And I would never repent.


    • Well said, tric. It’s almost word for word what I wanted to say, minus the anger boiling inside of me that made me think twice about commenting.

      Duncan’s post also omitted the fact that Forrest was having sex up to eight times a day with the 15 year old girl.

      I have a daughter of fifteen, if some sick bastard were to take advantage of her in the way he did with this child, the police would never find him without a pick and shovel.


  2. The age of consent is 16, which means that, in the eyes of the law, a 15-year-old is not capable of giving consent to sex, even if she is a willing participant.

    Forrest was in a position of trust and responsibility, and took advantage of this schoolgirl’s crush on him, when he was experiencing marital problems.


  3. thanks for commenting, guys

    I am not condoning or excusing what Jeremy Forrest did

    I am more questioning of the value-laden words used by the media in reporting this case

    pedophile, grooming, sexual abuse ?

    when did you last sexually abuse your mrs, ratty?

    Forrest and his schoolgirl lover had sex with one another. There was no suggestion she was an unwilling participant. When did consensual sex between two people become sexual abuse?

    you wine and dine your woman, ratty, before you married her? Hold her hand, kiss her, send her flirty messages?

    admit it, you filthy swine – you were grooming her, trying to get your leg over

    would you feel so angry, so murderous, tric, ratty, if your 15 yr old daughter decided to give her virginity to her 16 yr old boyfriend?

    over 1/4 of UK women aged 16-24yrs who participated in a recent survey admitted having sex before they were 16

    assuming these results are true of the wider population, there’s a hell of a lot of pedophiles in the UK – if our definition of a pedophile is anyone having sex with a girl under 16yr old !

    Different words carry different connotations. The media could have used other words when reporting this ‘story’ that would have been no less accurate but less pejorative. That they chose not to shows their prime intent was not to inform the public about the facts of the case, but to shape public opinion negatively against Forrest, sensationalise the story, making him out to be an evil monster and the girl a sweet innocent victim of his machinations, in order to increase sales of their papers or increase traffic to their web sites


  4. When did consensual sex between two people become sexual abuse?

    But it wasn’t consensual sex – she was under 16, and deemed by law not capable of giving consent.


    • I was using consensual in the sense of two people mutually agreeing to have sex – not the legal definition

      If the latter’s argument is that kids under 16 aren’t psychologically and emotionally mature enough to make an informed choice as to whether or not they want to have sex with their partner – then isn’t it marvellous how quickly they mature overnight on the eve of their 16th birthday ?

      And how extraordinary that kids in some countries seem to mature slower or faster than those in the UK when it comes to being mature enough to consent to sex with their partner !

      And what are we to make of Canada’s laws in this regard? The age of consent is 16yrs, as it is in the UK but . . .

      minors 14–15 may have sex with a partner who is less than five years older, and minors aged 12–13 may have sex with a partner who is less than two years older –

      how do these ‘close-in-age-exemptions’ fit with the – reason the age of consent is set at 16yrs is because it is judged those younger than 16yrs are not capable of giving informed consent to sex?


      • But any law that relies on an age qualification is the same: children are deemed unfit to drink alcohol, then suddenly, on their 18th birthday, they can go in a pub and start their brain-damage programme. Without this cut-off point, there couldn’t be a law.

        I agree with your points about media hype, and feel that Forrest’s vilification and sentencing were excessive. Some people have been comparing his sentence with Stuart Hall’s 15 months for serial abuse of children, the youngest known about being 9, over a long period of time.


        • I remember when this story first broke, the tone of the coverage was of a married teacher who had fallen for one of his pupils, and she with him, they had started an affair, and had run off to France together when police began to investigate

          It was only later that the tone changed and the story became one of a pedophile teacher who had groomed one of his pupils, sexually abused her, and then abducted her when police began to close in

          This legal age thing to mark an individual’s transition from child is a bit of a mess in the UK

          One is mature enough to get married and start a family at age 16, but not mature enough to drive a car until 17yr, or mature enough to be trusted with a vote until aged 18yrs ?

          And of course, while you are not mature enough to be trusted with a vote, you are mature enough to join the army at age 16yr and be taught how to kill people

          I think there’s an argument for getting rid of these multiple differing age qualifications and replace them with one age at which a person is recognised as an adult for all these activities


    • P.S. anyone know whether the legal of consent for sex – which is 16yrs in the UK – is actually to do with whether or not a person is emotionally and psychologically mature enough to make an informed decision to have sex with their partner, or just a side effect of the legal age for marriage in the UK being set at 16yrs ?


  5. Curiously, 16 yr is the legal age of consent for sex (and marriage) in the UK but one has to be 18yrs before being allowed to vote

    Does this mean a person is deemed emotionally mature enough at 16yrs to decide who can f*ck them but is not mature enough until 18yr to make an informed choice as to which Government f*cks them?


  6. “over 1/4 of UK women aged 16-24yrs who participated in a recent survey admitted having sex before they were 16.”

    I love statistics and the way they are used to promote a particular viewpoint.

    Conversely, the same statistics illustrate that nearly 3/4 of UK women aged between 16-24 years did NOT have sex before the age of 16.

    Erm, yes, but no, but hey – you’re twisting my words !

    Luuurve it !


  7. My old man is 16 years old than me, but then again I’m not 16. I’m with Duncs on this one, the girl continuously stated that she went willingly, (therefore was not abducted), they willingly had sex (therefore she was not raped), she has stated she will wait for him until he gets out of prison and has been given visitation rights to visit him? Surely if he was this demon paedophile like they made out, she would not be allowed near him? Yes, without a doubt what he did was wrong, but what they are making him out to be is, I believe, far from the truth!

    P.S. Which guy can possibly have sex EIGHT times a day?? Far-fetched somewhat?


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