Shit Happens !

by duncanr


I think I have mentioned this before – I do not wear shoes or socks when I’m at home, preferring to pad around the house and garden in my bare feet (I love the feel of grass between my toes)

Sometimes, though – like this morning – going barefoot has disadvantages

I normally get up . . . around 3am but was out late last night and slept in to about 4.30 a.m. – consequently I was a bit later than normal taking the dogs to the park to do their ‘business’

Mid morning I was emptying the washing machine and putting a new load in – when I stepped on a towel.

[I keep two towels on the floor by the back door to wipe the dogs feet when we come back from a walk]

I felt a cold wet spot underneath my left foot

‘Shit’ – I thought, the washing machine must be leaking

When I looked down though, what was oozing between my toes was not water but ‘shit’ – dog shit to be precise [I knew it to be dog shit because it certainly wasn’t mine!]

I interrogated the likely suspects but no-one admitted anything

While they all put on this dumb animal act, their body language, however, betrayed the guilty party. One of them slunk off to bed while the other two either stared innocently at me or looked accusingly at the one in the bed.

Sadly, when I grabbed my camera to take a picture, the battery was flat.

Luckily, however, I took art at school so I have redrawn the scene from memory

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9 Comments to “Shit Happens !”

  1. What a perfect after lunch visual you have given me. Thank you. I am still in my “will I get another dog?” mindset and thanks to this I have another point to add to my “definitely not” list.


  2. Oh I just read it! Why of why did i read it? Now I have two visuals I do not wish to have. I am off to look through wordpress for posts on cute kittens, puppies and babies who are not crapping everywhere! And I can’t help but see that awful picture posted with the steam rising.


  3. Been there…done that.

    The only thing worse is having kids and stepping on a lego brick in bare feet.


  4. Did you go to cartoonist’s school?


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