Match Your Socks

by duncanr

socks2Trying to find a matching pair of socks when getting ready for work in the morning can be a frustrating experience – they go into the washing machine as a ‘couple’ and come out ‘separated’.

Hope of a reconciliation is often fruitless, as one of the pair does a ‘runner’ and is never seen again

If, however, you . . . click on the following link – – it will allow you to savour the seldom experienced satisfaction of playing matchmaker to a bunch of socks, pairing them off together until each has a partner (well at least until the next wash!)

Hint, click and hold down your left mouse button on a sock and drag it from the pile to a clear space. Then select another sock from the pile and drop it on the first sock to se if they are a pair. Repeat until all socks are re-united with their other half. Then watch them rejoice!

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2 Comments to “Match Your Socks”

  1. I hate laundry.


  2. Wacky – I’m writing about odd socks too at the moment! Thanks for the game, but I have the real-life variety on a daily basis 🙂


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