Papier-Mâché Model Mishap

by duncanr

andrew vickersYou’ve got to laugh because there is nothing I can do about it now . . . I think it is funny. I really love the idea I have created something out of expensive things that makes it worth less. I think it’s brilliant‘, said struggling artist Andrew Vickers

I’ve told Andrew to call me first next time he finds something in a skip‘, said an aghast Steve Eyre who commissioned the model from Mr Vickers

[Click Read More tab to read about the artist’s big cock up . . .]

Some folk would have been devastated on hearing that they’d had something worth £20k in their hand and destroyed it to make something worth a whole lot less – ( – but Mr Vickers is looking on the bright side

I’ll probably never sell it -[his model] -, but at least it’s been a great talking point.

11 Comments to “Papier-Mâché Model Mishap”

  1. I would be sick and bitter all my life if I did this. If my husband did it…. I shudder to think!


  2. This is obviously bollocks.

    Somebody throws £20k worth of rare comics in a skip?

    Then somebody, who has been commissioned by a comic shop owner, finds them and, without checking their value, trashes them? What a series of unlikely events and coincidences!

    More likely that Mr Eyre copied the covers of some of his rarest comics, for the artist to make his sculpture.


    • You know me – not a single cynical thought ever enters my head. (ahem…..)

      However, that’s exactly what struck me about this. All of a sudden, an unknown artist, his work and his client are newsworthy.

      Pull l’autre one!


  3. I know I’m à bit slow, but what’s à parrot got to do with this ?


  4. . . . 98, 99, 100. Ready or not, we’re coming.


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