Cheap Sex on Offer in UK

by duncanr

20130525_BRP005_0Because of the current economic down turn in the U.K., punters have less free cash to pay for sex

In addition, more women,desperate for extra cash, are entering the profession, thereby further driving the price down

As a result of stiff competition from these newbies and punters having less money in their pockets, long-standing prostitutes are having a hard time making ends meet

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6 Comments to “Cheap Sex on Offer in UK”

  1. “Long-standing prostitutes”

    So they can’t even afford a bed.

    Times must be hard.


  2. Always enquire of a prostitute if she has a womb.

    If she has, then great, you don’t get wet when it wains.


  3. Ah! We’re on to the old Essex girl jokes….

    Q. What does an Essex girl use for protection during sex?
    A. A bus shelter


  4. I was taking a stroll one night, when out of the shadows, a female approached, jutting her bosom at me and wriggling her bum.

    “How much ?” I enquired.

    “Twenty quid,” she replied.

    “Is that all ?” I asked, disbelievingly.

    “That’s all I got on me,” she said.

    I continued on my way.

    (True story – honest)


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