Nice Work if you can geT IT

by duncanr

breast massageA dirty b*stard young man in China has set up in business offering to massage new mothers breasts to stimulate milk production

“my girlfriend opposed my work when she found out I would touch other women’s bodies” , said Yang Jun

[I bet she did !]

but he convinced her it was a noble profession

[smooth-talking bugger]

Hhmm, wonder if any males are offering a similar service in the UK?

I sense a business opportunity here !

I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging but . . . I do have some experience in fondling the female breast.

Excuse me while I go work on a business plan

3 Comments to “Nice Work if you can geT IT”

  1. ratty, he rearry rike rub breasts.

    Howeveh, ratty no rike pray wiv milk ploducing grands – Yaaaallgh !


  2. Confucious, he say….

    Man with thing dangling from ear during interview feel right tit. Then left tit. Then right tit again…..


  3. Plus it helps prevent breast cancer


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